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    thanks for the snapshot.
    I dont have this line between.
    only the extended keyboard and then the keyboard.
    I thought the snippets button was combined with the "extended keyboard"?

    but your tip show me the right direction!
    general->keyboard->"predictive" was disabled!

    I enabled it and now I can see the snippet button.

    thanks to all for the great support :)

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    between underscore and delete key is no icon with three lines.

    editorial 1.3.1
    ios 10.3.2

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    I'm using editorial and are happy with it, but I'm missing the snippets button.
    I have enabled "extended keyboard" in the editor settings.
    the last button on the right side of the extended keyboard is the underscore button.
    I'm using an ipad air.
    I can also provide a snapshot for details.

    any ideas?


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