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    Just curious.....seems like are a bunch of new features I'd like to use...and Beta is closed.

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    This worked, thanks!

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    I am looping thru a json object, and for each occurence of an entry that has a key of start , I want to create Reminders to a specific list (Active list in this case, could be anything, even the default). What I am finding is that it seems the r.save() is only saving the last task in the for loop below.

    Any idea?

    Basic code snippet

    import reminders
    import requests
    URL = 'some URL'
    headers = ' blah, blah'
    req = requests.get(URL, headers=headers)
    all_tasks = req.json()
    all_calendars = reminders.get_all_calendars()
    for calendar in all_calendars
        if calendar.title == 'Active':
            r = reminders.Reminder(calendar)
    for task in all_tasks:
        if 'start' in task:
            r.title = task['description']

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