• BentleyOusley

    I'm having an issue retrieving Latitude and Longitude when using a Hotspot for WiFi in a remote location. This works without a hitch when the iPad is connected to my home WiFi (or within an urban area when using the Hotspot.)

    When at a remote location, I am able to access the internet connection through the Hotspot and pull down weather data within the program, but when executing the following piece of code, it cycles through the loop ten times and "here" is still equal to "None". What do I need to do to make this work in a remote location?

    print("Getting Location...")
    here = location.get_location();
    x = 1
    while here is None and x < 10:
        here = location.get_location();
        x += 1
        print(x, " ", here)
    if here is None :
        print("no data")
    if here is None :
        lat = 38.220;
        long = -94.560;
        lat = 39.625;
        long = -93.958;
    else :
        lat = here.get("latitude");
        long = here.get("longitude");

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