• It seems like this is a problem with some of the built-in image collections being compressed too aggressively in 2.1, which apparently leads to issues with loading OpenGL textures. I'm not exactly sure why this is, but the problem seems to go away entirely when I replace the image collections in 2.1 with those from 3.0 – the content is the same, but the size of the app will go up very slightly as a result of the fix.

    I haven't always been able to reproduce the crash; it sometimes worked, and when it worked, it usually did until restarting the app (as loaded images/textures are cached). So I think the initial suspicion about certain variable names or text formatting issues might have been a red herring.

  • I would also love a Pythonista 3.0 Xcode template! I’m not a genius, but I’d be willing to help however I can. Anyone that’s more in the know, know anything about this?

  • @JonB said:

    mport console

    Thank a lot.
    I wasn't far from finding using ObjectC, but the console method is way easier :)

  • Thanks ! That was really simple ...
    My side I was wondering that the Action structure were independant of the loop and was done to complete anyway. My bad :)

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