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    I will very certainly ask you for help, in some weeks, even only for posting an "helloworld" dummy app to the AppStore ! Thank you.

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    Stupid question (but stupid is the one who doesn't ask) : will the apps developed with Pythonista be able to run standalone ? Or will they need Pythonista as a platform to execute them ?

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    Thanks for the info.

    I have some experience with java, but I'm currently in the process of learning Python, so that I'm not able to update anything.

    Indeed, API v1 will be shut down by June 2017.

    A few things I'd like to suggest (and I know that it makes me a "consumer" rather than a "producer") :

    • Updating the dropboxlogin.py script to API v2

    • Having a DropboxSync.py script working for app_folder access type rather than the full dropbox access : who needs to get all his Dropbox stuff downloaded to Pythonista ? It's a complete mess !

    • Optionaly (but I think, mandatory) : having those scripts in a Python 3.5 version.

    And btw, how do you, guys, cope with the whole Dropbox sync ?

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  • bistrot


    I've tried the dropboxlogin.py script, il works perfectly with Python 2.7 but not under 3.5's version (even when the print function is updated to the parenthesized form).
    Is there a "3.5's" script version available somewhere or is there one planed ?

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