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    First my ipad was upgraded from ios12 to ipados, which used to run pythonista perfectly, but now it's a problem.
    Before this(IOS12), if you press the TAB key to complete the Chinese input code, it will flash back. It still exists(ipad os)
    I tested it many times and found that as long as I typed Chinese, two cursors will appear, and it seems that I have to press the delete key twice to enable the delete Chinese mode (if the next one needs to be deleted, the Chinese character will only be used once).

    This situation occurs with a Bluetooth keyboard. When I use the system keyboard to input Chinese, I must press the delete button twice if I want to delete it.
    The thing that surprised me the most was that when I typed a cross-line string, it appeared two alternately blinking cursors, one is the current position, it is more conspicuous, the other is in front of it, but its cursor is thinner.(As shown in the code below)

    (|)👈cursor_1(Current input position)

    When I click on the first first cursor, it crashes immediately. But now, as soon as I type in Chinese, the app crashes and flashes directly.By the way, it doesn't happen on my iPhone(IOS12). This seems to be the problem of upgrading to ipad os.

    I think this may be an app issue or a system issue. But I type this in other software, such as pyto(Ugly ui interface), this problem will not occur.
    I now regret upgrading to the ipad OS.

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