@BontieFernandes I also use Pythonista “recreational fun”, as @mikael puts it :) Mostly small games, and sometimes an ai that plays them.

The more reasonable stuff:

with Shortcuts: app icon that launches my favourite game and sets a reminder for 30min, so that I stop wasting my time learning python in general, especially on the school bus showing me today’s lessons in the iOS widget menu notification if lessons get cancelled or moved push-up counter and push-up max-hold timer music app that downloads songs from YouTube and then plays them (didn’t want to pay for Spotify or some alternative)

Things I still want to do:

app for making flowcharts, they should then be converted automatically to python code (and code to flowchart). Graphvitz (a software for that) is just way too expensive for me. GPS tracker that logs my coordinates when going for a run (and then plot them on a map on a large screen in my room, so that I can see all my routes and times) several games