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    thanks to both for the replies.
    I’m looking for a tool to help me write code on the go and being able to use it to produce apps. I’m making a lot of experiments between languages and tools to understand which way to follow as I do not work as a developer and I can only dedicate a bit of my daily time.
    that’s where the need of writing code on the phone comes from.
    I’m trying play.js, pythonista, scriptable and continuous but I would like to produce code I can use to build apps.
    Pythonista is a great tool, superior to the others and I would like it to be the tool I’m looking for but as I read, the template for xcode isn’t all ok.
    On the other side, although play.js is far inferior, it can produce code to be used in react-native; I think this is a big missing point for pythonista.
    Then, of course, we can discuss about my poor knowledge of python and the pythonista tool… but I would like to spend my time learning it being conscious I’m using the right language and the right tool. I would like to avoid to jump on another platform in a few months and repeat all again…
    I’ll try to follow @BapeHiks suggestions if I am able to…

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    hi all,
    I searched the forum for beeware but I found only few citations about and I am wondering why do this piece of software spawn so little interest in the community…
    I think that the ability to develop with pythonista on our mobile tools and being able to deploy real apps, for different platforms, to the various stores could make pythonista the definitive tool for python developers and also people coming from other languages.
    Unfortunately I’m new to python and I still have a lot to learn about (I am even worse in objective c) so I think it is a too huge project for me.
    Is anybody in the same wavelength?

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    That seems easier… I’ll try it! Thanks

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    Thank you @mikael , it works. Maybe it is something basic but for my actual level in python, it was hard to imagine. Also I think I have to study more to understand the second example… can’t say anything about the third, python first, then bindings… 😤

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    Hi all, is it possible to listen for changes in View.frame, View.x etc... so that changing them could results in calling other functions?
    I tried subclassing ui.View and using a property(get, set, del) called x but changes on it doesn’t reflect in View.frame.

    class PView(ui.View):
      def __init__(self):
        self._x = None
      def x(self):
        return self._x
      def x(self, value):
        self._x = value
      def layout(self):

    Let say I have c = PView()
    Now c.frame leads to Rect(0, 0, 100, 100)
    Calling c.x = 7 will print Rect(0, 0, 100, 100) instead of Rect(7, 0, 100, 100)
    Also, calling c.frame = (9, 0, 100, 100) doesn’t print Rect(9, 0, 100, 100) as requested and c.x doesn’t lead to 9.

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