• castro

    Any news?

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  • castro

    Thank you! I'll wait.

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  • castro

    I have a problem on my new iPhone8 (ios 12.1.1)

    Trying to access photos via the code:

    import paramiko, photos, os, tempfile, clipboard, ui,appex
    imga = photos.pick_asset()

    I have error "NoneType object has no attribute 'decode' ".
    But I have it only for "native" photos, everithing works nice with images added to the Photo Library from sources other than iphone camera: screenshots, other apps etc.

    I have this error even in the standard example misc/Image Effects.py. Reinstalletion of the Pythonista doesn't help.

    Could experts help me to clarify the problem?

    At my old iPhone SE at the sae iOS everything is fine.

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