• chaseadamsio

    I've been using Editorial for a few weeks now and I really love how accessible it makes plain text!

    As much as I like Markdown, I prefer to write most plain text documentation in Org Mode, a syntax that's far more robust in it's specification and has a lot of really awesome features.

    Is there a possibility that a MVP of Org Mode could be done in Editorial? Very simply, it'd be switching out certain keyboard buttons for Markdown with the Org equivalent.

    As an example, rather than # for headings, org uses *. There are a other differences but for the base text editing functionality you have with Markdown, it's just exchanging symbol X for Y.

    It also has very powerful task scheduling, very similar to taskpaper but with a lot of extra bells and whistles, as well as having states that a task can be in (TODO/DONE/CANCELLED).

    I look forward to hearing if this is possible and am happy to provide any feedback/direction I can give and financially support it to see it as a new feature.

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