• chebfarid

    Bingo! :)
    I had already thought about inserting a short delay but I first wanted to know if I am using the close() method correctly.
    Thank you!

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  • chebfarid

    Strange problem with a simple view: when I try to present it I receive the error message "View is already being presented or animation is in progress"
    Which is definitively not true:
    in my project I'm using three UI-files which are loaded when needed and closed when their job is done, for example:

    v = ui.load_view('view2')
    spin = ui.ActivityIndicator()
    ### several thousand loops which can last 15-30 secs ...
    ### another view to display the results (in html):
    browser = ui.load.view('view3')
    ### assembly of the html code ...
    # => ERROR message ...

    As you see the animation was stopped and the view was closed, what am I missing?
    Thanks for any hint!

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  • chebfarid

    @cvp Thanks a lot, I'll give it a try tonight.

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  • chebfarid

    Thanks a lot for sharing this!
    I'm still very new to Pythonista and importing a lot of scripts and ui files from the web to learn - your script is a life saver !

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