• chuckles

    Thanks for the information. Based on this it appears to be an issue with Pythonista running on IOS 10.3.3.

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  • chuckles

    So when you ran the program instead of getting OtherWord it returned the corresponding part of speech (noun, verb, etc)?
    I am running it on iPad with Python 3, IOS 10.3.3, pythonista 3.2.

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  • chuckles

    linguistictagger.tag_string with SCHEME_LEXICAL_CLASS no longer returns parts of speech. Instead of noun, verb, etc being returned it returns OtherWord. Does anyone know of a workaround for this?

    import linguistictagger as lt
    text = 'Python is pretty awesome.'
    results = lt.tag_string(text, lt.SCHEME_LEXICAL_CLASS)
    for tag, substring, range in results:
    if tag != 'Whitespace':
    print(substring + ": " + tag)

    Python: OtherWord
    is: OtherWord
    pretty: OtherWord
    awesome: OtherWord
    .: SentenceTerminator

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