• I said:

    At some point recently, Editorial's Python has gone from saying sys.platform is unknown to now saying iphoneos.

    In beta 130010, it now says sys.platform is ios. Which means I have to re-copy my site-packages over...

    On the up-side, it was really useful that the traceback was shown in the console - thanks very much indeed for this - it made the problem immediately clear... :)

    (If this changes again, please could you put it in the TestFlight release notes, as it's a lot easier to update the site-packages in advance of the change in value....)

  • Thanks @peterh and @ccc for the suggestions. I'm aware of these features and use them heavily, but this question is specifically about sharing python code via import - which @rvolta's do allow.

  • Glad I could help!

  • Thanks.

    For now, I'll just work through all my Dropbox folders in the Editorial browser, and get it to start syncing each folder.

    This will be fine, as at least I know that the content will be updated by later syncs.

  • For folders I've previously visited, but not recently, Editorial's Search will see out-of-date content

    No, once you visit a folder, it gets synced automatically in the future.

    For folders I've never visited in Editorial, Editorial's Search will never match any content


  • To any who gets here via search, my workflows to search all filenames in my Dropbox account, and all file contents, have been superceded by the much faster search functionality in the file browser in Editorial v1.1 - so thank you very much for that!

  • I've found a way to do this.

    First, create a Workflow Then add an "Expand Snippet" action In the text box, enter the abbreviation for your snippet And turn on "Insert in Editor" Then click Done

    You can now add this Workflow to the Bookmarks bar in the normal way.

  • I made some progress with my questions.

    If you swipe from the right to preview your Markdown doc, Editorial syncs to Dropbox This one requires multiple steps. As far as I can tell, to force-reload the currently viewed doc in Editorial, you have to: Load a different doc Pull the file list to refresh it Then reload the file you original had open, which will now have any new edits from Dropbox I learned from "Writing On The iPad: Text Automation with Editorial", by Federico Viticci, that if you pull down in the list of files in a Dropbox folder, Editorial refreshes the view. It doesn't give you any visual clue that it will do this Also, if it has previously loaded the list of files in a folder, and then you return to that folder, you have to remember to manually pull to refresh the folder, to grab the latest files from Dropbox to avoid possible conflicts with edits from elsewhere.

    I would really appreciate any tips on this - as I suspect that otherwise, I'll be spending quite a lot of time resolving conflicts - I edit on both a PC and the iPad a lot...

    (Another concern is that I don't notice the conflicts, and just overwrite text by mistake)

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