• clarence

    Your suggestions worked.

    Perfect - thanks!

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  • clarence


    I am new to python, and I am learning to program on the mac using Sublime Text and Pythonista on the iPad. The code below executes on the mac with no issues, but on the iPad, I get an "invalid syntax" on line 19.

    Line 19: print median (1,3,2) is the output of the program.

    Is there a different way to getting the output of this program with Pythonista?

    Thanks for your help in advance.


    def bigger(a,b):
        if a > b:
            return a
            return b
    def biggest(a,b,c):
        return bigger(a,bigger(b,c))
    def median(a,b,c):
        big = biggest(a,b,c)
        if big == a:
            return bigger(b,c)
        if big == b:
            return bigger(a,c)
            return bigger (a,b)
    print median (1,3,2)

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