Funny, I just finished a script yesterday which would parse and import my uni timetable into my iPad's calendar via Pythonista. I used the icalendar module to create the .ics file (it can be imported into Pythonista, just download it from pypi and throw it into the site-packages folder in pythonista) and then I used a simple server to host the .ics file on localhost and pythonista's to import it directly into the calendar from pythonista. You can also use pythonista's console.quicklook() to view the .ics file and e-mail it to yourself which allows you to import any events in it on an individual basis unlike the webserver method that just straight up imports them all. The script I wrote covers all of this and you can find it <a href=''>here.</a>

Just make sure there's a file called 'UNSW.ics' in the same folder as the script and use fake credentials like 'test' for both the username and password on the details screen. When you get to the import screen, pressing import will detect that there's an existing calendar file in the directory and let you bypass the part that actually requires real credentials at my uni since I'm guessing you don't have those.