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    @technoway said:

    With the latest Pythonista Beta v. 3.3 (330025), installed today, i.e. 20 Feb., 2020, I get the same crash in my App I got with the last Beta.

    I tracked it down to the very first line of code that executes in my App! I commented out that line, and my App runs successfully.

    That line is:

    A great many lines of code are omitted both before and after the code snippet shown.

            # Prevent iPhone from going to sleep while this program runs.
            # Create an instance of a class that derives from ui.View.
            # <code-omitted>

    If I comment out that one line of code, the program does not crash.

    I am running that on an iPhone 6s running IOS 13.3.1

    I'm having exactly same issue since updating to 3.3 earlier today. Commenting out the "console.set_idle_timer_disabled(True)" helps. iPhone 8 and 13.3.1. Phone reboot not help.

    Thanks 👍

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