• @cvp it’s all good. Your code gave me a good starting place and led me to the code I got so thank you!

  • Sooo update on this issue. I moved all my external code for google sheet & Twilio messaging into the script file thinking that would solve the issue.

    And it didn’t, same error with the same naming convention. All the modules that I need have a lot of init.py files so I wonder if Apple doesn’t allow files with that name specifically or what.

    So as a test I took out those files and just tried to upload my Pythonista code and it worked flawlessly. At least I pinpointed exactly what files are causing this error, but it’s sad because those modules are important for the functionality of my app.

  • @pavlinb There is a Pythonista 3 Xcode Template that you place your code in. You must have a Mac with Xcode installed and have a little bit of knowledge on how to upload apps to the App Store to configure.

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