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    Simple problem, really. I type in quotation marks to denote multiline comments or strings, but the punctuation gets typed out as “smart” quotes. However, when I use an apostrophe by holding the ! key on my iPad, Pythonista recognizes it as quotation mark. This is very unfortunate because I using a bluetooth keyboard greatly increases my coding speed, and I would hate to keep dealing with this problem.

    So, long story short, Pythonista doesn't recognize quotation marks as valid punctuation for strings and such but when I use an apostrophe, which most keyboards wouldn't have, Pythonista thinks it's a legit quotation mark.

    Apostrophes which Pythonista recognizes as single quotes:
    Quotation marks that Pythonista doesn't recognize and so gives me an error:
    See the difference?
    Also, holding the ? key gives me these double quotes " which are in fact functional.
    So essentially the only thing not working is the actual dedicated quotation mark key.

    Edit #2: Turns out iOS turns on Smart Punctuation by default, which caused this problem. If anyone is having the same problem, turning off Smart Punctuation in Settings > General > Keyboard will fix it!

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