• Okay- thanks for your input. I really was wondering if it's possible- of course getting there is always the interesting part.

    For now I'll put this on the shelf. I don't have the beta and I'm really just a beginner at Python - trying to add in objective C makes things sound very complicated.

    Perhaps someday I'll try at this one! I have a lot of use for something like that- (a lot of presentations)!

  • You're right about all of those things.

    CSS can be used in three ways - externally linked, internal <head><style>...</style>, and in the tag <table style="...">

    For what I'm doing right now- the internal style sheet is sufficient and arguably easier(?). I'm scraping some html and then showing it in webview.
    Could do re.sub but I'm just adding a bunch of stringy html code and that's easy enough!

  • Pythonista posted

    Okay it seems to work now after using unicode().

    Basically I was doing a (?<=)[dog]+(?=) search on a list of words- but with Japanese characters and different lookahead/behind. The aim is to find words that use those characters.

    Without making Unicode strings I got (false positive?) results like this: 中=丸. Very weird! The list I have has 140,000+ entries so there were a lot of false matches.

    Thanks again for your help!

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