• Croc

    I hope this means the SFSpeechRecognition module will be available to use in Pythonista in iOS 10.

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  • Croc

    @brumm Thanks that worked perfectly!

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  • Croc

    @brumm I edited my code to match what you added and it works somewhat, but for some reason the webview is doing this...

    after running script

    And it should look like this...

    what it should look like

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  • Croc

    @omz Thank you for the quick help. I figured it was some dumb mistake. :)

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  • Croc

    I'm making a simple application in Pythonista to display webpages, listed in a text file, inside of a webview. I have looked over the documentation and tried to Google this error, but I can't seem to find anything.

    Here's my code:

    # coding: utf-8
    import ui
    import urllib2
    import re
    v = ui.load_view()
    webview = ui.WebView
    def main():
        fx = open('sites.txt', 'r')
        lines = fx.readlines()
        link1 = re.split('/\n', lines[0])
        link2 = re.split('/\n', lines[1])
        link3 = re.split('/\n', lines[2])

    Here is a version of the error I get. Even when I supply a argument in the webview.load_url() method, it says it needs a URL instead of a string. So what I need to know is how to convert a list with one element into something that webview.load_url() will understand.


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  • Croc

    This looks awesome for your first script! My first script is lame compared to this one lol. All it does is detect if you have a link to a tweet in your clipboard and then it likes it using your account.

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  • Croc

    I would like to code a fully functional Twitter retweet bot or something similar from within Pythonista, but I want to know if it is even possible with Apple's sandboxing restrictions?

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