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    Hello Maintainers,

    I'm experiencing an odd behavior with the clipboard while using scripts within a Shortcut. When a value is copied to the clipboard using clipboard.set(), the value exists as expected within the Pythonista app. However, when moving back to Shortcuts (as I do using shortcuts.open_shortcuts_app() in my script), the clipboard does not contain the new value, but the previous value that was already in the clipboard. The value is only set once running the script twice, presumably making the intended value the previous value.

    Should I be passing data (base 64 data) a different way to Pythonista? It appears that reading from the clipboard is not an issue, but setting does not seem to work. Is there a workaround I can use for now?

    If it helps, I am running iOS 13.6.1 on my iPad Pro and launching Pythonista via "Open URLs"

    Thanks for your help!

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