• cynicuss

    I get an error msg now not seen before when I try to run for ex:

    import ui
    def add(a,b):
        result = 0
        while b>0:
            result += a
            b -= 1
        return result
    print add(3,5) NameError: global name '_debug_runtime' is not defined

    Or even:

      x = 1
      print x

    Same error. This has never happened before. What gives?
    Has Pythonista on my iPad been compromised somehow?
    What's odd tho is that the ones that came with the program still run. Just not the little ones I write.
    I'm being pointed to THIS in stash.py

    def write(self, s, rng=None, update_read_pos=True, flush=True):
        _debug_runtime('Write Called: [%s]\n' % repr(s))
        if not _IN_PYTHONISTA:
        self.replace_out_buf(s, rng=rng)
        # In most cases, the read position should be the write position.
        # There are cases when read position shouldn't be updated, e.g.
        # when manipulating input line with completer.
        # Also read position can never decrease in a stream like output.
        if update_read_pos and self.write_pos > self.read_pos:
            self.read_pos = self.write_pos
        if flush:


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  • cynicuss

    @omz thank you. Up and running again. And @JonB, given who I am (rank recreational amateur with no clue but having fun on the fringe), am I doing myself and the community a disservice reloading "stash" ? (Don't want to waste your time begging for answers.) I used it solely for unzipping files.


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  • cynicuss

    Thank you people. I installed StaSH and am reminded of how ignorant I am of the cmd line. The blessing is that this amazing piece of work will force me to figure it out. Live, lose, and learn!
    Thanks again.

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  • cynicuss

    Zip files on Ipad?

    I am using Pythonista on an Ipad Air for an introductory Python course. I am new to programming and to apple products (the tablet is my wife's) and am bewildered by the lack of a file handling utility. I am stubbornly determined to figure this all out.

    I attempted to download the following in order access a problem set for the course:


    No sucess to either Dropbox or Google Drive. Would filenav be able to do that? Or do I need to get an app like Goodreader? And please let me know if this is the right forum to be asking this.
    Thank you @dgelessus

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