• danielsaurus

    I agree — this (hopefully minor?) change in how Fountain folds sections would be a very appreciated improvement!

    I absolutely love writing in Fountain with Editorial on my iPhone — especially when I'm out and about for a walk outside, which is when I find I’m most productive. Nothing even comes close to rivaling how great of an app Editorial is. I similarly have to agree, though, that the current folding hierarchy in the app doesn’t really seem to reflect the way I think sections were intended in the Fountain syntax — or at the very least, how I like to use them, which is especially relevant in the early phases of writing (and coincidentally also when I’m most likely to be using Editorial, before eventually reverting to Highland on my Mac for finishing up a draft). I tend to start out my writing by first outlining and brainstorming the larger story sequences and story beats — and it’s only when I have that figured out that I eventually move my way on to working on individual scenes. The way that Edit has laid out for how Fountain folding should work would thus be absolutely perfect for me, since it'd allow me to quickly fold sections of story up to see the Big Picture, then when I’m ready drill down to focus on the larger sequences and, eventually, individual scenes.

    For the time being, I’ve taken to simply creating separate Fountain docs for my individual story sequences — not the best solution, though for now it gives me a way to focus on the individual sequences I’m currently working on — but if this alternate way of section folding in Fountain could be implemented, I’d be in heaven.

    Thanks for such a wonderful app. I appreciate all your hard work on it!

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