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  • Perfect! Thank you.

  • no problem. for modules that define a main like that, that will work. in some cases, a module might have

    if __name__=='__main__': do_stuff()

    in which case, run_py is the way to go (python -m actually uses run_py under the hood)

  • I thought of a workaround which is superior for my purposes. Redirect the downloaded file to the console:

    curl "url" -H "X-API-Key: key-goes-here" > &3

    Where it can be copied and pasted to a new file. If can be then read like this:

    with open('outfile.json, 'r',encoding='UTF-8') as f:

    This has the real advantage of preserving all of the accented vowels, etc. in the rest of the data processing. It turns out the original file was indeed UTF-8, but could not be handled by the ASCII decoder.

  • Could be... You'd have to look at the tracebacks to see what is failing. Check site-packages-3 and make sure you don't have any modules elsewhere named the same as one of the ones in the top level site-packages-3.

  • Awesome! Care to share your code?

    I am trying to pass some data generated from Shortcuts (iOS app) to pythonista and then to a Google Sheets. I have set already the Shortcuts-Pythonista part, I think, but I am still wondering whether or not to buy Pythonista for the next part.

    I appreciate all the help I can get!

  • @djl My first post on this topic already gave it 😂

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