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    Thank you, JonB!

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    Can you think of something useful that you would use often? Even if it’s an app that you already have, you could write a clone from scratch. My first Python app will be an app that helps me with my small business (tracking and logging actions taken and status of individual jobs). It will automate/streamline a lot of the day-to-day stuff I do repetitively, help me stay organized, and prevent things from “slipping through the cracks”. I’m in the beginning phase, outlining the workflow and functionality. Once that’s done, I’ll do some screen mockups. Then...Pythonista time!

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    Thank you, cvp! (Is that a Bearded Collie in your profile pic?) I just went to the AppStore and bought Pythonista. I’m really looking forward to learning Python!

    I have a few more questions...

    1. Can I have a script tap/click at specific coordinates?
    2. Can I send keystrokes to an app?
    3. If I don’t use any iOS-specific commands, could my scripts (including GUIs designed in Pythonista) be run on other operating systems (Windows/MacOS/Linux)?
    4. Can I use Pythonista (and its GUI to write WatchOS apps?

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    Hi, everyone! I’ve just started working with iOS Shortcuts (with a very specific project in mind) and I hit some limitations that led me to Scriptable and from there to here. I’m not a python developer but I’ve been wanting to learn for some time, now. (And Pythonista seems like a great way to do it!)

    I’ve skimmed through the docs (though, as a python pre-noob, there’s a lot that I don’t understand) but here are the questions I still have...

    1. Is Pythonista more powerful/limited than the iOS Shortcuts app?
    2. Is Pythonista still being actively developed. No sunset on the horizon?
    3. Is there a way to get data from Pythonista to a Shortcut and vice versa? (In Shortcuts, I’ve been using specially titled notes in Evernote to store things like a counter. I wanted to use plain old text files but couldn’t find a way to do that. Does iOS have something akin to the Windows registry that’s accessible to both Pythonista and Shortcuts —where things can be stored/modified/updated/deleted?)
    4. Can I use Pythonista to write events to my calendar? The docs talk about Contacts and the Reminders database but I didn’t see anything about calendar/events.
    5. Could I use Pythonista to send an email (specifying the recipient, subject, and message body in the code) say, a week from now?
    6. As I understand it, there’s a hard limitation that won’t allow automations to be triggered by geolocation. Could I trigger an automation - whenever I unlock my phone - that checks my geolocation to see if there’s an automation that should be run there and asks me for permission to do so?
    7. How good is Pythonista at text to speech and speech to text? So far, I’m really pleased with Shortcuts ability to prompt me for input then immediately going into dictation mode. That’s something I plan to use heavily for my project.

    I’m sure I’ll think of lots more but I’ll stop there for now.
    Thanks for your time and consideration!

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