• dpmitu

    I've figured it out. Thanks for leading me in the right direction!

    Just in case someone in the future stumbles upon this thread, here's the answer to my own question:


    The file: "Untitled File.taskpaper"
    The Directory: "Folder A"

    "Folder A" is in the dropbox sync folder that omz referenced in his message.

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  • dpmitu

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    As for your second comment, I have considered that. I've managed to access a file if it's at the top of the synced folder in dropbox, but I don't know how to specify a particular directory. Lets say within my dropbox sync folder I have two other folders called Folder A and Folder B. And in Folder A I want to access a file named "Untitled File.taskpaper".

    What would the URL look like? I realize that "Untitled File.taskpaper" would be "Untitled%20File%2etaskpaper". I've tested this and it works... How would I specify that the file is in Folder A?

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  • dpmitu

    So my understanding is that the URL scheme looks like this:


    No matter what I've tried, I get a "Not Found" error. The one exception has been files at the top level of my local folder. My guess is that I'm not properly specifying the directory within dropbox. How would I do so?

    Thank you for any help!

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