• drpaul

    I did some further research... obviously the non printable escape sequences are filtert by ios keyboard driver.
    When I scan directly into an Raspberry-Shell the escape sequences are displayed but when I opened a shell via ios (for example "shelly") non printable characters are filtert.
    So its not a problem of pythonista! Should I delete the threat?

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  • drpaul

    this is really strange. Maybe its not a "textfield" issue, but a Pythonista behaviour?

    barcode = input("Barcode = ")

    When scanning into input prompt:
    Output python 3.6 on macOS:

    Barcode = 12345^[[19~6789

    Output Pythonista 3 on ios
    Barcode = 123456789

    Why is Pythonista suppressing the escape-sequences???

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  • drpaul

    @JonB said:


    thank you for your quick answer, but this does not help, because the textfield.text does NOT deliver the escape-code, it seems to be filtered in the ui textfield-routine(?)
    (the barcode scanner works as a external keyboard an sends the scanned data direct in the textfield)

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  • drpaul


    in pythonista ui I use a textfield to obtain the input of an barcode scanner:

    class TextFieldDelegate(object):
        def textfield_did_end_editing(self, textfield):
            barcode = textfield.text
        return True

    This works very well for barcodes without escape-sequences. But in my usecase the scanner sends a "\x1b[19~" as delimeter between data-fields.
    The ui textfield apparently ignors the escape-sequences. For example:

    Barcode is "12345\x1b[19~6789"
    textfield.text provides "12345678989". I need the delimeter to set apart the data-fields in the barcode.

    barcode = textfield.text.encode() provides b'123456789'

    Any ideas? Thank you!

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