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    Seeing a few new people join the forum and ask questions lately, I was thinking that it might be good to have someone write a quick intro to the forum, what some of the must-have tools, how to go about getting those setup on Pythonista, and how to increase your library from there. Pythonista-Tools is a great resource once you know how to use GitHub, but I could image there being a need for some extra instructions.

    I know some of the hardcore python coders and forum contributors will be best-placed to do so, and can point to best practice. But for example, some tools like gitrepo, New Script from Git, Dropbox File Picker, ui-tutorial, scene tutorial, stash, etc... would be good to include in such a document or post.

    So two things, I guess:

    1. Perhaps some of the newer forum members and Pythonista users can describe their learning curve, and suggest ways for the rest of this community to help, if it's needed at all.

    2. If there is a need, are there any volunteers to put something like that together?

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    Quick tip: one of the differences between the previous template and this latest one, is that the "Skip Install" flag in the Build settings is set to Yes. This means that when you create an App Archive for submitting to the store, it doesn't automatically export it to your Organizer Tool.

    I haven't gone through the whole pipeline with this project template yet: script in Pythonista on the iDevice -> porting script to Xcode -> debugging in Xcode -> submitting to store -> distributing on store; it's not a priority for me at this point, but I have been playing with some of the settings. You've given us a good tool, @omz, to learn Xcode at a very superficial level, thanks. Anybody gone through the whole pipeline yet?

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    Are you sure your server accepts TLS connections, as opposed to FTP over SSH (SFTP)?
    What error message do you get?

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    I haven't tested this myself, but seeing that you're using the same lines given as an example on the ftplib documentation site, I noticed that you forgot the parentheses for the prot_p() call. You need this to explicitly secure the connection. I'd give that a shot...

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    +1 for OpenCV. I do image processing when I'm not having fun with Pythonista. I have heavily relied on python's wrappers for OpenCV over the last few years. The speed gain on PIL would be significant, in my opinion.

    That being said, I'm guessing this would be one of the harder libraries to build and support. While the python wrappers have been around for a while, I think that they can still be somewhat temperamental, and not all C++ functions are wrapped.

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  • dvader9

    Note that the simple crash in the TableView UI from the ui-tutorial, as reported here is fixed in this latest Xcode template.

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  • dvader9

    @omz, thanks for putting time and effort into this. I'm hoping to test some of the ui-tutorial scripts in the old and updated project template over the next few days.

    While this is not your main focus in updating Pythonista, I hope the output of those tests - conducted by me or someone else - will help guide the app development.

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    Note that this DOES NOT crash when run in the Pythonista App on the iPad (iOS7 with Pythonista 1.5, or iOS8 with Pythonista 1.6). But it DOES crash when run in the iOS Simulator (iOS8) or on the iPad (iOS8) as a compiled Xcode project.

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    I've tried to run an Xcode project with the simple tableview example provided in the ui-tutorial post (ShowTableView.py and ShowTableView.pyui from https://omz-forums.appspot.com/pythonista/post/5588266841538560). This crashes every time for me at startup, even before I start interact with the table. So I'm wondering about the following:

    • for those who are also using Xcode with Pythonista, do you mind giving it a shot, and let me know if this also crashes for you?

    • @omz, if it's not too much to ask, can you try to run in on your machine, and see if this is a fixable (or already fixed in 1.6) bug?

    • the only thing that you'll need to change in the .py script, is ensure that your project knows where to find the .pyui file. There have been previous discussions on this.

    For those interested, the output of the crash, as displayed in Xcode, is the following:

    2015-01-17 13:56:40.494 PythonistaProject[4675:194482] +[UIResponder om_firstResponder]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x2c81314

    2015-01-17 13:56:40.942 PythonistaProject[4675:194482] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '+[UIResponder om_firstResponder]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x2c81314'

    *** First throw call stack:


    0   CoreFoundation                      0x044a9946 __exceptionPreprocess + 182
    1   libobjc.A.dylib                     0x0412ea97 objc_exception_throw + 44
    2   CoreFoundation                      0x044b1465 +[NSObject(NSObject) doesNotRecognizeSelector:] + 277
    3   CoreFoundation                      0x043fa3e7 ___forwarding___ + 1047
    4   CoreFoundation                      0x043f9fae _CF_forwarding_prep_0 + 14
    5   PythonistaProject                   0x00433273 -[SUITableView tableView:didEndDisplayingCell:forRowAtIndexPath:] + 39
    6   UIKit                               0x02031c09 -[UITableView _reuseTableViewCell:withIndexPath:didEndDisplaying:] + 169
    7   UIKit                               0x0203f3d5 __25-[UITableView reloadData]_block_invoke1575 + 148
    8   CoreFoundation                      0x043cfe33 __53-[__NSArrayM enumerateObjectsWithOptions:usingBlock:]_block_invoke + 99
    9   CoreFoundation                      0x043cf4cf -[__NSArrayM enumerateObjectsWithOptions:usingBlock:] + 239
    10  UIKit                               0x0203ea52 -[UITableView reloadData] + 1487
    11  PythonistaProject                   0x0044f21b __TableView_reload_block_invoke + 39
    12  PythonistaProject                   0x0041fdd4 __sui_dispatch_main_sync_block_invoke + 51
    13  libdispatch.dylib                   0x04aa4e2f _dispatch_client_callout + 14
    14  libdispatch.dylib                   0x04a8e0aa _dispatch_barrier_sync_f_slow_invoke + 115
    15  libdispatch.dylib                   0x04aa4e2f _dispatch_client_callout + 14
    16  libdispatch.dylib                   0x04a8b90e _dispatch_main_queue_callback_4CF + 606
    17  CoreFoundation                      0x0440395e __CFRUNLOOP_IS_SERVICING_THE_MAIN_DISPATCH_QUEUE__ + 14
    18  CoreFoundation                      0x043c2760 __CFRunLoopRun + 2256
    19  CoreFoundation                      0x043c1bcb CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 443
    20  CoreFoundation                      0x043c19fb CFRunLoopRunInMode + 123
    21  GraphicsServices                    0x067c924f GSEventRunModal + 192
    22  GraphicsServices                    0x067c908c GSEventRun + 104
    23  UIKit                               0x01f338b6 UIApplicationMain + 1526
    24  PythonistaProject                   0x0001c756 main + 134
    25  libdyld.dylib                       0x04ad0ac9 start + 1


    libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException


    I started looking specifically into this example, because I had another project I was trying to build, which also had a TableView in it, and crashed every time a TableView Cell move in/out of the field of view when scrolling, with this same message: 'unrecognized selector sent to class'.

    While I know this (Pythonista in Xcode) isn't the main focus of this forum, I'm not sure where else to look for a solution on this. Thanks all for your help.

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  • dvader9

    You can easily add files to your Xcode project. The only tricky thing is telling the App where to search for those auxiliary files.

    See http://omz-forums.appspot.com/pythonista/post/5234293353742336 for some tips on working with Xcode and the App template.

    If you have other specific questions on this, I'd be happy to try to answer them based on my limited experience.

    Good luck!

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