• @Dalkey @Saturn031000 Hmm, I think I know what you mean now. It seems like UserEcho's scrolling is extremely sluggish in landscape mode. No idea what they're doing there, but it's significantly more usable in portrait orientation. I'll have to evaluate a few more options, but everything I've looked at so far has some kind of serious drawback...

  • Note that this DOES NOT crash when run in the Pythonista App on the iPad (iOS7 with Pythonista 1.5, or iOS8 with Pythonista 1.6). But it DOES crash when run in the iOS Simulator (iOS8) or on the iPad (iOS8) as a compiled Xcode project.

  • Thanks for both of these suggestions. I generally prefer not to capture (or store) user credentials, but I may end up going with that solution (with SMTP) this time.

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