• I too have been searching for a FoldingText app for iPhone. I much prefer the markdown syntax of FoldingText to Taskpaper. The Editorial is the closest that I have found so far. I rename my files to have the .taskpaper extension.

    I then take all of the Markdown style # headings and add a colon : to the end.

    ## My Heading


    ## My Heading :

    This goes a long way to making the TaskPaper mode handle Markdown files. I hope that Editorial will eventually support FoldingText as a mode within markdown documents.

  • Thanks - looking forward to the calendar module for access to event info. Will make my meeting notes workflows easier and less reliant on an external connection.


  • Thanks - I was going to do something like that initially, but after moving the file, I wanted to be 'done' with that file if it make any sense?

    Right now, I'm going to try and write up something that just opens the next file in the directory, and if there are no more files, then just an empty file.

  • Yes I am. Thanks for the update.

  • It's currently not possible to control keyboard visibility via workflows or scripts, sorry.

  • Thanks, fixed.

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