• ejetzer

    After a few more tests, I found that calling time.sleep(n), where n is anything large enough to leave enough time to click on Ok to get to the app you want to open works. Apparently, the clock stops when the Pythonista isn't active, and so it doesn't stop waiting until we get back.

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  • ejetzer

    Browsing other answers, I saw people using Scene.pause() for this, and I coupled it with time.sleep() in a loop, to wait some time before repeating. It seems to work fine, but I'm not sure I used scene right, and maybe it's just the sleep() that stops the script until the app regains foreground.

    I did think about chaining scripts though, thank you.

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  • ejetzer

    I've been trying to automate the export of Omnifocus tasks to Due, & for that I need to use Due's url scheme repeatedly in the script. You can see an example in this gist: https://gist.github.com/4b3561200491814c5538 . It looks like

    print 'Done 1.'
    print 'Done 2.'

    No exceptions are raised, & the output is

    Done 1.
    Done 2.

    As if all calls were made. Why does it not open the url, come back to Pythonista, & open the next one?

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