• eliskan

    My favorite problem is always to design a game (though, to be fair, game design is the main reason I fell in love with programming in the first place). The app does have a nice Python game tutorial, try following that along and see if you can improve or change the game!

    Another challenge: grab text from a website, parse it so you get only relevant information, and output that information in Pythonista. An easy example is take a look at a the Google "I'm feeling lucky" page and see what the result is.

    And if you get that challenge down, you can take it a step further. Have the script visit a site with stocks or price ranges, and try to graph those prices in Python! This could be awesome if you're trying to built your own investment tools and want to apply your own algorithms to the graph. There's some good plot examples in the app to get you started on this.

    Just some ideas! Have fun and ask yourself "what would I want my device to do, for me?" If it's not impossible then you can probably program it.

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  • eliskan

    Hey omz just wanted to say welcome back! I was around here during the first Pythonista version, and seeing that you're active in the community again is great! It inspired me to purchase Pythonista 3. The tool seems a lot more robust, so far I'm eager to work with it.

    I made that silly Galaga space clone that you used as an example, haha I see you now have an awesome game tutorial for newbies who want to get into game design! That's great!

    Anyways just wanted to say hi and it's a pleasure to see you responding to threads. It's also awesome that this community forum isn't filled up with spam attacks anymore!

    Keep it up I look forwards to testing out the new features

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