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    This game is far from complete. But I wanted to share it before it became incomprehensible and thus useless for new game developers!

    The point of the game is simple. See how many waves you can handle before you die. Each wave increases the enemy count by one.

    If you kill an enemy, there is a 33% chance they will drop a bonus item. You can hit the bonus item to get a boosted effect.

    There are three bullet types you can experience using bonuses. The default, blue, is simply bullets. There is also green, which are missiles. The final and most powerful type is cyan, cluster bombs, which when they hit the enemy will explode and create ten missiles nearby.

    Your player is equipped with a shield and health bar, just like the enemies. The shield gradually recharges, but the health will permanently remain depleted once removed. So be careful if your shield gets low! Try to focus your fire on one enemy at a time so you can make their shields less effective.

    Currently there is only one type of enemy and no real pattern to their spawning. I plan on working on that and making more enemies.

    Some of the functions in this are purely aesthetic. Every bullet, when it strikes something or explodes, will turn into two smaller bullet particles just for graphic effects. Also when the player takes damage you will notice a 'stun' effect, caused by abusing the fact that you can draw on top of previous draw loops.

    Tell me what you think, and I hope you guys can get some ideas out of this and make your own awesome games!

    Needs more enemy types.
    Needs formation patterns for enemies when they spawn.
    Enemy bullets can be easily avoided. Needs to be fixed with more enemy types or a better spread of bullets.
    Missiles/Cluster Bullets can cause substantial lag. Implement Quad splitting so the Hit Tests are less intensive.

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    edit: please read lower comments for newer versions and information. This project is growing!


    I thought I would share this! It's the beginning of my new RTS (real time strategy) game project, but right now it's mainly the foundational GUI stuff and only 90 lines long. So I thought I would share it, because it's easy to learn from.

    In this example, there are two grids. They're identical, except for size, as one is the 'minimap' grid. When you click on the minimap, it controls motion on the larger grid. There is a blue ball bouncing around on the grid for now, to show the concept that units will naturally stick with their landscape even as the controller moves around.

    There's also a small beginning of unit selection controls. When you don't click on the minimap, and you're clicking on the real map, you can drag your finger and it makes a square. I plan on combining that with a hittest on touch_ended to select units.

    The script is designed to be easily tweaked. The variable self.grid_count can add more grids to the map. And the variable self.map_size changes the size of the maps grids. Right now it's in beta test mode so I wanted a scene I can see without clicking (lazy)

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    The point of this thread is pretty obvious! Let's get to know eachother a little better. A lot of the people in these forums are amazingly friendly, so why not chat and get to know a bit more about our community (and not just the awesome programs they design?)

    What do you do for a living? What do you do for fun? Is your dog named Fido? If you're an artist, feel free to post some art. Or if you're an author, send us your book title! If you're a pornographer ... well ... Never mind that.

    I'll break the ice, since I'm the one asking all the difficult questions (do u liek mudkips?). My name's AAron, with two capital A's like a boss, and professionally I do artwork and faux finishes for a living. Sadly, a lot of my work ends up being basic paint jobs or simple faux finishes, but there are some really interesting jobs that pop up regularily. Thanks to my father's expertise, I am able to get into the field and that's pretty much how the bills are paid. In my free time, I really enjoy graphic art, and have a deviantart page where you can see my shoddy experiments: eliskan.deviantart.com

    I also love writing, and I play in a chat based 'Free-Form Role Playing Game' (FFRPG for short) where I will spam other players with enormous walls of text. I am hoping to develop the skill into something I can make money on because my true heart lies in writing.

    And that inevitably leads to my programming interests! I started programming when I wanted to modify Age of Mythology and make my own maps and AI, which was possible in their game engine to share and play online. After making some awesome maps and bots, I went on to other games and other challenges - usually with solving how to automate a game or how to create addons. Discovered Python about five years back and I have loved it ever since. Now I write pretty much anything that catches my fancy, from fiction to programs.

    Your turn!

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    Pandora is a consideration, but personally I have always used Grooveshark ever since I wanted specific choice so Pandora isn't a big deal for me.

    However I would like to report one issue I had with this script, a very small one (probably related to my wifi sucking).. Many of the downloads simply stopped, and never proceeded. There's no easy way to stop the script while downloading (like a 'cancel' button) when the download freezes. For example it gets to 42% then ceases entirely. At that point I would check Safari and internet works.

    Even if I hit the 'stop' button in Pythonista, the script will continue to play until I close Pythonista entirely and reboot it.

    It would be nice to have a 'cancel' prompt during downloads that can stop the script from running, or something along those lines, without taking up too many resources. When the script is cancelled, if the file is corrupt it might be a good idea to automatically delete.

    I do love this script and like the YouTube one before, it works in GoodReader if you replace ''iDownloads://' with 'ghttp://' on line 313

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    Awesome, I was wondering if this was possible. It's too cool that you decided to do it without anyone having to ask :D

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    Hey that worked wonderfully! Sorry it took so long to respond, but I have to say this solution is crucial for playing sounds.

    Here's a fully working example, which downloads an mp3 then plays it indefinitely (to end the script, press stop then wait for the sleep to timeout): https://gist.github.com/adc2874aa09640237f6f. What this script does is creates a Sounds folder (if one doesn't already exist) then downloads the file (if the file doesn't already exist). If the file and folder already exists, then it doesn't need to be online and will simply access the resource.

    Just change the file and URL names to fit your mp3 file and you can hear it played.

    Thank you Sebastion for this solution!!! I will DEFINITELY be using this

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    I am eager to see a solution to this or if anyone has found a workaround. I want to play music in my game :(

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    Works great with GoodReader, as noted by Dalorbi in this article: http://www.macstories.net/links/ios-youtube-downloader-with-pythonista/

    Seems to download QUICKER than actually trying to watch it in YouTube. lol

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    Ahh thanks for clearing that up!

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    I think the print statement is also set up wrong.

    You are probably using Python 3.2 in your computer, whereas this is Python 2.6.. The print statement changed.

    In Python 2.6, you don't use brackets in print. Instead you just say for example

    print Name
    print "Nachos are good"
    print "Don't you agree, "+str(Name)+"?"

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