• EmoJoyFul

    You guys are incredible! I wish I had asked sooner. I spent all Sunday away from my toddler trying to figure it out.

    I really appreciate the help!

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  • EmoJoyFul

    Ok that is a way to display info I never would have thought of! I love it!!!!!!
    Mikael. Thank you thank you thank you!


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  • EmoJoyFul

    Thank you!! I’ll take a look. :)
    Is there a way to use a search function or lambda with Regex and apply ? Or do you see no way around calling each line?

    My Hope is to cluster without concatenating each group of variables..

    So info19-info87 could all have columns labeled after different diseases. If the patient has that disease, they would have a one Elsif a 0.

    Then 87-190 could be medication types.

    I was thinking it could be beneficial to break the data set until clusters, replace 1s with the column names and 0s with none. My hope being the user, my mom, won’t have to learn binary lol.

    I will run yours now mikael. I’m excited to try it. I love machine learning. I would love a way to incorporate small batch or stream training concurrent to labeling tasks. I have no idea if that’s computationally silly or helpful but it could potential
    Y better inform how much manual labeling has to be done.


    You guys have been very helpful!

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  • EmoJoyFul

    I re-read this and realize its a big question, sorry!

    Really, my first question is; is it possible to create a view that will display boolean data conditionally?
    Patient 1: Has a 1 in columns 1, 19, 23, 28, and 923 - so Only display that information.

    That's really step 1. I want to make sure the data I have is organized in a way that I can use it. Otherwise, it's really a bit of a pain in the rear to undummy.

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  • EmoJoyFul

    Hi guys! New to Pythonista, I am loving it so far!
    I just started wrapping my head around objc, I’m a machine learning data scientist and python user.

    I need to make a quick and dirty app for labeling a large amount of ML training data (it’s actually just for my mom, she’s a retired nurse dipping her toes into ML)

    The first issue I’m having in Xcode, which is why I moved over to pythonista, is my dataset, it has 938 variables (most of which were created by original authors with one hot encoding. It has 550,000 rows, each a patient who may have any number of 1s in each category. Think type of meds, med history, etc.

    I plopped it into Xcode as a CSV and it created just a dictionary, with row 1 being all headers. I think I can fix that, but I’m wondering if it’s possible with UI kit to display only column names where a 1 is present and not a zero.

    The ultimate goal being to present info about a single ‘patient’ and then let my mom hit a button that labels them as needing surgery Or not, that info recording to a csv and then I can help her with the ML stuff outside of iOS.

    I tried to get her to just label a csv but she’s all iPad and her eyes aren’t great.

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