• farabiahmed

    I am currently trying to run my python script on my iOS application. My script is an ML application that consists of training through a given data set in real-time with dependencies on NumPy, cv2, torch, and torch-vision.

    I could run the application on Android through Chaquopy successfully. But although several solutions are tried including Pythonista, Pyto, Beeware/briefcase, Kivy, and Pytorch-mobile, none of them worked yet for iOS.

    Today, I am having difficulties understanding the reason for Pythonista's lack of support for various python packages that are already available for both desktop and android.

    Is it something the source codes should be ported for iPhone CPU`s?
    In the near term, should I wait for the required support to be given or continue to dig in?

    Here are some references and my other questions as well:

    Thanks in advance.

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