• Just to follow up on this matter. After struggling with PyDrive in pythonista for a while with resulting errors, I often to just go ahead and try the Google Drive API.

    There is a super simple tutorial in codelabs:

    Everything installs nicely and runs well.It even lets you complete the authentication in a separate browser if need be. I did the authentication on my raspberry pi and scped the secrets.jason and since then it works perfectly.

    Just in case anyone wants to access and G suite files, you should know that pip in stash running in python3 nicely installs google-api-python-client and oauth2client in the site-packages-3 (which is all you need for Google Drive API).

  • Hi Farmer,
    Perhaps the following code might help (the dots before 'shape' represent spaces):

    from turtle import * ht(); pu() for i in(getshapes()): ....shape(i); stamp(); fd(43) goto(0, -30) write(getshapes()) done()
  • @abcabc thanks a lot. One of the amazing thing about these forums is that people (like you) help out with great examples and no snark. I am really grateful. And hopefully when I have greased my wheeels a bit more I will also be to help others out.

    So thanks again for pointing out my mistake.
    The polygon you included also really helps understand the syntax better!

  • Thank you Ole, this is what I was looking for, and thank you especially for taking time to answer bye so I can see the difference.

    I want to mention that I use your app at a code school in Matsumoto, Japan. Until now I have taught with a block code app called Hopscotch but we needed to move up and I decided Python over Ruby. Your app makes it possible to learn Python on iPad.

    I am very grateful for this. Your app is a huge win for education!

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