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    Hi all —

    I’m just learning Pythonista and am trying to create a share sheet shortcut that will log data to a Google spreadsheet via a form. Some of the actions I’d like to save come from apps that include an image when the share sheet is triggered, and I’m looking for examples or recommended idioms for how to do this via Pythonista.

    In particular, if I understand the control flow correctly, for this image to make its way off my iPad I have to save it to somewhere Internet-accessible (for example Imgur or Dropbox) and then retrieve a URL that points to the (now-Internet-accessible) image and passing that URL on for further processing. For example, if that URL gets pushed to Google Sheets, then Google will be able to retrieve the image and display it inline in the spreadsheet.

    Are there examples or best practices of how to do this that anyone could point me to? For example:

    1. Retrieve the PIL image data from the share sheet data
    2. Save that image to [Dropbox/file share service X]
    3. Retrieve a URL pointing to that saved image
    4. Do further processing with it

    Thanks in advance for any pointers or suggestions,


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