• felix_42sol_eu

    @D4RK-M4G1C14N you have a full folder and file manager.
    You can start scripts from the app or add home screen buttons

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  • felix_42sol_eu

    Language is python. Like in the name. It integrates the stdlib and many iOS interfaces (like speak, addresbook, reminders)

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  • felix_42sol_eu

    Hi @JonB,
    OK I stumbled upon that post with the script also. On my second and third read and tests in the lastest Pythonista Beta (iPadOS13 and Python 3.6) I did not get it to run.

    Now it worked with the updated version of the post and my x-callback-url inside the script ...


    From there it should be solved easily

    THX Felix

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  • felix_42sol_eu

    Thanks for the detailed questions.

    My Answers

    • Yes the callback works without the x-success
    • Yes the callback returns control to pythonista if I put in right x-success call

      Strange is the missing result parameter documented by cultured-code (the Things3 developers)

    • Yes the show.py script is called and executed.
    • No auth-token might be a good hint - not yet tried it - will do it

    After reading the latest release notes from Pyhtonista I even found that ole implemented a nice GUI to generate the x-callback-urls

    I fear that Things3 would return the data if I only put in pythonista:// in the success parameter > which would then result in not working in pythonista cause it needs the parameters as argv or args

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  • felix_42sol_eu

    I am using a m5stack with micropython

    • still in investigation stage

    I was able to build the firmware myself on windows 10 with linux-subsystem of the loboris / m5stack branch

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  • felix_42sol_eu

    any things3 users that have a working example for x-callback-url with x-success?

    I am looking for a solution to capture the IDs that things3 shoul hand back via x-success.

    my last url:
    things:///add-project?title=42sol.spice:%20Support%20the%20project&tags=test%2ctest&to-dos=review%2042sol.spice:%20Support%20the%20project%0asay%20hello%20to%20felix%0aadd%20a%20issue%20(bug%20report%20or%20feature%20puppy)%0alook%20at%20the%20code&deadline=in%204%20weeks&x-success=pythonista3%3A%2F%2F_gears%2Fxcallbackurl%2Fshow%3Faction%3Drun%26args%3Dx-things-iddoes not work

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  • felix_42sol_eu

    @kjv93 try to ask @omz for a beta access! (see my post down below)

    I work with the latest iPadOS beta and the latest Pythonista beta and it works nearly fine.
    I was able to run stash and shellista without any problems
    Integration with working copy is good.
    External keyboard works fine

    Known Bugs:

    • always

      • iCloud is not showing correctly (no data displayed)
      • floating keyboard messes the up the UI because of the new upper boundery of the keyboard. result -- as in nearly every other app)
    • Pythonista keyboard keys in floating mode (spaceing between keyboad makes keys to small)

    • sometimes

      • copy and paste does not work (restart pythonista does the trick)
      • keyboard extension bar is messed up (icons left and right of the screen and very small)

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