• gaijinsan

    Hello. I'm totally new to Pythonista 3 and a bit confused as to what is and is not possible with respect to getting it to interact with the currently open app on my iPad and interacting with other apps.

    Some basic scenarios/questions:
    (Note: I use iCab mobile as my browser, but to keep things standard I will ask these with respect to using Safari)

    1. With Safari running and a web page displayed, can I: run a Pythonista script which selects all the text on the web page and copies and pastes it into a new note in the Notes app? How?

    2. With Safari running, can I: run a script which invokes Safari to save the current web page in a particular folders inside my Safari bookmarks? How?

    3. With Safari running, can I: run a script which reads the currently display webpage, looks for tabular data, processes it, and displays it in CSV format in a new Safari tab?

    4. With Safari running, can I: run a script which looks for a string of text in the current web page, if it finds it, copies it to the clipboard, opens Evernote, looks for a pre-existing note with a particular name, and appends the copied text to the bottom of that note?

    Any info on the above capabilities would be greatly appreciated.

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