• gauden

    Now that the Gmail API is released it seemed to me to be a good way to further break down the barriers between Pythonista and the outside world.

    I have previously used the imbox project within Pythonista with great success as a means of reading and writing structured data from emails.

    I wonder, has anyone managed to get the Gmail API working? It seems to me to be a promising and convenient step forward. I have tried the following:

    1. I loaded the Python API client library into a Pythonista project
    2. I registered a project on the Google Developers' Console, created credentials, and downloaded the relevant JSON creds data to the project
    3. I ran the sample script on the quickstart page
    4. I encountered an error relating to gflags -- so I downloaded and incorporated that library.

    At this stage the sample script crashes with an error that contains no clue as to what is missing (at least to one who is not familiar with what gflags is doing).

    Hence this post: has anyone got it working?

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