• giraffe

    Wow- congratulation.
    Well deserved ! Pythonista is such a great app :-)

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  • giraffe

    Hello JonB and thank you :-) .I tried this and it also works well. But what would be the advantage/ disadvantage of this approach?
    The other way seems to be much easier. Sorry for this noob question, I'm just a beginner trying to get familiar with the ui...

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  • giraffe

    Yes! It works! Thank you very much for your help! I was looking into the complete wrong direction - I tried to adjust the .pyui- file instead of my .py-file. Thank you again, I would have needed hours after hours to find my mistake.

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  • giraffe

    Hi, I'm struggeling with the tableview and the gui designer..
    How to connect the tableview with the data?

    I try to make a simple list, where you could add items via a textfield and an add-button.
    But I'm stuck with the tableview.
    I have a ListViewSimple2.py, containing the data:

    import ui
    data =['spam', 'ham', 'egg']
    datasource = ui.ListDataSource(data)
    view = ui.load_view('ListViewSimple2')
    view.delegate = datasource
    nav = ui.NavigationView(view)

    And I have a ListViewSimple2.pyui, containing a tableview( + a button and a textfield).
    What do I have to do to make the tableview show my data?
    I set the TableViews DATASOURCE to datasource, but that seems not to be correct.
    But how to do it right?

    Maybe someone could push me in the right direction?
    Thanks very much in advance

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