• greiggy

    Just to elaborate a little, I have tried:

    • html link <a href="#link"></a> and target <a name="link"></a>
    • markdown link with <a name="link"></a> target
    • multimarkdown 6 convention Link [link] and [Target]{target]

    Some of these appear as links in Preview, but none navigates.

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  • greiggy

    Hi all, Editorial has an excellent tap-and-view TOC which brings up an outline based on the markdown headings, which navigate quickly and cleanly. Who would want more?

    Well, I rely on navigation to find my way around longer docs when I am in a speaking or teaching situation. I am familiar with various Markdown conventions for links and TOC, including the latest Markdown 6. Also familiar with html links. I'm not having much success in Editorial.

    If I need to (or want to!) set a link that is not already a ### heading, what works in Editorial?

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