• gruntfutuk

    Brilliant. Thank you. Worked fine. Now to work.

    Is that normally required, or specific to Pythonista? I don't recall seeing it in basic introductions for Flask.

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  • gruntfutuk

    I've been learning Python for a while now (after a break from programming of several decades) but have concentrated on console work. Thought it was time to do some web stuff and decided to give Flask a go.

    I note that it is installed as standard in Pythonista. I assumed I just entered the basic hello world code.

    from flask import Flask
    app = Flask(__name__)
    def hello_world():
        return 'Hello, World!'

    and whilst I get no errors when I execute the above, nor do I get anything else. Is a flask server running in the background? Do I need to open a web browser with a particular url. I was anticipating as a guess but there is nothing there.

    Please point me in the right direction.

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  • gruntfutuk

    Thanks to everyone who responded. Obviously not a nice topic, and I of course wish only the best for @omz.

    I have got into Pythonista rather heavily almost instantly. It is a wonderful application, and shows how amazing individual developers can be. I’ve also found Editorial to be great for just cracking on writing things without distraction.

    Given the dependency on one person, I don’t feel I can recommend it generally for my clients, sadly, just in case. Even were the author to make arrangements for the code to be released should he become unavailable, I doubt the obvious quality and cohesion demonstrated in the product would be sustained by other developers if they had not already been brought inside to support maintenance and development.

    I do hope both omz and Pythonista have a long and happy life.

    No doubt there is a beta available somewhere which supports the latest version of Python. I look forward to seeing that in due course.

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  • gruntfutuk

    I'm relatively new to Pythonista and, for that matter, to Python. I find Pythonista a great tool in its own right as well as a brilliant aid to my learning.

    I've also bought Editorial.

    Are these apps built and maintained by omz alone? Incredible work if so.

    What arrangements are in place if omz becomes, er, indisposed?

    I've put huge effort into a lot of things and been disappointed when the sole developer has lost interest or things in their life have taken them away indefinitely.

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