• halvork

    @JonB said:

    If you want more frequent updates, please head over to pyto.

    I have tried Pyto and it is promising. But I am really missing how well Pythonista integrates with Siri shortcuts and sharing extensions. I have based a lot of my Pythonista development on this. Is there a way to replicate that for Pyto or some other solution?

    (And Pyto doesn’t have as good docs and forum as Pythonista either. )

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  • halvork

    @mpvano said:

    Take it somewhere else - idiot!

    O’ wise oracle, where would be better suited than here?

    What is your real name and who do you work for?

    I would actually expect someone who expressed this to have the guts to sign with their own name - or be a troll moron.

    This forum is for users of pythonista - NOT PEOPLE TRYING TO DESTROY IT.

    And what version of Pythonista would that be? I was a paying customer for both ver. 2 and 3. So I am a user of Pythonista, which, by your own standard, grants me access to this forum. If you can prove me wrong, step up!

    As Pythonista isn’t open source, I can’t destroy it. You can still linger around and waste your time here, but since Apple changed to use HEIC picture encoding I have problems with using Pythonista. The situation for iOS 13 is even worse. I need an update badly. But it is evident to me that the owner killed this product.

    Now I am looking for an alternative because I am done waiting.


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  • halvork

    Let’s face it. It seems Pythonista has become abandonware. I wish it wasn’t so, but I’m realistic. OMZ is nowhere to be found and version 3.3 was promised in the start of 2019 and we have heard little since then. The latest beta isn’t even working and there are no changes from beta to beta.

    So what are our options? Is there any alternative that I’m not aware of? Anything in the making?


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