• Hameed


    Sorry for the late reply.
    Here is my current code:

    import cb
    import sound
    import struct
    class MyCentralManagerDelegate (object) :
           def __init__(self):
                  self.peripheral = None
           def did_discover_peripheral(self, P):
                  print ( '+++ Discovered peripheral: %s (%s)' % (P.name, P.uuid))
                  if P.name and 'Apple Watch' in P.name and not self.peripheral:
                          self.peripheral = P
          def did_connect_peripheral(self,P):
                  print('***Connected: %s' % P.name)
                  print('Discovering services...')
         def did_fail_to_connect_peripheral(self, P, error):
                 print('Failed to connect')
         def did_discover_services(self, P, error):
                for S in P.services:

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  • Hameed


    I would like to scan the peripheral characteristics of the apple watch.
    I have tried to discover services as mentioned in Core bluetooth module document and I was able to get the UUIDs of the services.
    But now I need to get the names of the services and the characteristics, I would appreciate if anyone could guide me in this step.

    Further I would like to extract data from the apple watch( from aforementioned services), is any information available with regards to this as well.

    I eagerly wait for your help.

    Thanks and Regards

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  • Hameed

    But the Bluetooth 4.0 adapter is dual-mode i.e classic and low energy Bluetooth and yet it is not shown in Pythonista.

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  • Hameed

    I am running a python code in the Pythonista app to see all nearby visible Bluetooth devices and get their UUIDs. But I am unable to see the rpi3 Bluetooth in my Pythonista app.
    Pythonista version: 3.2
    Also, I tried to use Bluetooth dongle with rpi3 and this too was not visible in Pythonista.
    Your help is highly appreciated.

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