• Harwood

    site-packages/stash/.stashrc can be used for exports.

    As to the UnicodeDecodeError, take a look at https://github.com/ywangd/stash/pull/367.

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  • Harwood

    Shortcuts’ Open X-Callback URL allows for setting custom callback keys. By setting Success Key to argv the success is appended to the call to Pythonista as the last argument. Unfortunately only one of the keys can be set to argv as only the last one will be appended.

    Here’s an example:

    from datetime import datetime
    import json
    from urllib.parse import quote_plus
    x_success = sys.argv[-1] # shortcuts-production://x-callback-url/ic-success/<UUID>
    x_cancel = x_success.replace('ic-success', 'ic-cancel')
    x_error = x_success.replace('ic-success', 'ic-error')
    x_success += '?x-source=Pythonista3'
    x_success += '&result=' + quote_plus({....})
    x_success += '&datetime=' + quote_plus(str(datetime.today()))

    Hope this is helpful to someone.


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