• Hasthohaha

    I just updated Pythonista and now my scripts and UI files are missing. Thanks Apple. Thanks whoever wrote Pyhthonista. Argh!

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  • Hasthohaha

    I have a couple of special calculator scripts with GUIs running. Being ignorant, I run them from their scripts by pressing the run button. If I give the files to my friend, he will have to do the same thing. This is bad, because he might accidentally alter the script, since he would be running from the editor. Can these programs be compiled or somehow packaged, so they don’t have to run from the editor? I’m totally self taught, so maybe I’m missing something obvious. I have always run everything from the editor. I don’t know any other way. Is there another way?

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  • Hasthohaha

    I spent a lot of time since my last post, trying to figure out what happened. I’m still stuck but have figured out a few things.

    To review: I was working on my 2nd Pythonista UI and had had a button that was being covered and hidden by the View.

    After much screwing around, I managed to cover all the buttons with the view. The happed because my thumb hit the trash can button, while I was inspecting the View, so I made a new View, which proceeded to cover all the buttons.

    So here are some questions:

    Is there a parent child relationship between views and buttons?

    If so, is there a was to change the relationship?

    I tried the code:


    It made the view and its border completely disappear when I ran the program. Not helpful...

    I’m going to delete and start over, but it seems there should be ways to handle this.

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  • Hasthohaha

    I built my 1st UI without a problem. My second UI for my next app is driving me nuts. I could use a course.

    Here are some issues and questions:
    Why would one text box be masked over by my view?This is happening to only one text box...weird.

    Why won’t the keyboard minimize after I have entered my data, so I can see the results? (My app is a special calculator.)

    What are the be setting to use for auto resizing? When I run the program, all my stuff heads for outer-space

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