• HenryDark

    Oh wow! That's great. Thanks ^_^

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  • HenryDark

    Hey there!
    Long time user, first time posting.
    I use pythonista a lot, and recently I got an external keyboard. It makes the coding much faster, and it's great for the most part. That said, there are some hot keys that would be really cool, and somewhat standard on pc/mac:

    Up/down keys in interpreter - go through command history, like on pc/mac. This would be really helpful,

    Ctrl+left/right - switch between editor and interpreter/docs (similar to ctrl+left/right on mac),

    Tab - autocomplete if in middle of word and there's only one intellisense suggestion,

    Cmd+P (or something) - start execution,

    Cmd+B (or something) - break execution.

    Thanks for a great app!
    Hope the above can be done sometime, and that others will enjoy it too.

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