Thanks ccc that's solved my problem.
    I now have cards with the Chinese numbers from 1 to 8 as an option in the game.

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    I would like to modify the built in Cards.py game to display a series of Chinese characters rather than the animal pictures. I have successfully changed it to use numbers and letters so I thought it would be simple to go further and use foreign characters.

    In the code below I have the Chinese character for the number 5.

    I print it to the console in three different ways and all three work fine.

    When I try to convert the character to an image (which works fine with characters such as 'a', 'G" and '4') it returns an image with unexpected characters, even to the point that the second image differs from the other two.

    I have selected a font that should contain Simplified Chinese characters and I even tried using the same font as that used by the console (commented out) on the assumption that if it displayed correctly on the console the font should contain the desired character.

    What is wrong? Is the PIL ImageDraw.Draw.text incapable of handling unicode characters?

    #coding: utf-8
    from PIL import Image, ImageFont, ImageDraw
    def TextToImage(text_in,width,height,font_in):
        pil_image = Image.new("RGBA",(width,height),(0,0,0,0))
        draw = ImageDraw.Draw(pil_image)
        text_width, text_height = draw.textsize(text_in,font=my_font)
        draw.text(((width/2)-(text_width/2), (height/2)-(text_height/2)), text_in, "black", font=font_in)
        return pil_image
    print '五'
    print u'\u4e94'.encode('utf_8')
    ch = u'\u4e94'.encode('utf_8')
    print ch
    my_font = ImageFont.truetype("STHeitiSC-Light", 72)
    #my_font = ImageFont.truetype("DejaVuSansMono", 72)
    my_image = TextToImage('五',300,96,my_font)
    my_image = TextToImage(u'\4e94'.encode('utf_8'),300,96,my_font)
    my_image = TextToImage(ch,300,96,my_font)

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