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    Hey, thanks @mikael I have seen that thread and got a working sample. It's not so much the Fever API I needed help with, it's really more around GUI functionality with navigationviews, tableviews and user interaction like press and hold cells, swipe left/right, pull etc. I am using NavigationViews so assume I just need to create a ui.View as an underlying container? I will see if I can work it into my existing code.

    The other bits I am interested in improving is refreshing the tableviews on the fly, e.g. when I mark an article, group or feed as read that the database is queried again and refreshes all the views. My current counts are based on the SQL. This looks like it works when going into and back out of views, but not the counts.

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    Hi everyone

    I've been working on pythonista app that will sync with the Fever API to a local sqlite database. I've got this so far: https://github.com/iPFT/Feverista

    Could really do with some help with some additional features. If you'd like to help me out or join in, then please do. I have learnt and borrowed a lot from these forums and there are some really great things you are all doing, so wanted to share this back to the community.

    It is working quite well at the moment, but a few things still need sorting -
    I want to resolve but iOS GUI isn't something I am that great at so if you see some odd looking things - it is a work in progress ;-)

    Let me know, would love your help!



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